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BR4 Saved £4.7 billion of Businesses Through Proper Tax Planning

BR4’s achievement of saving £4.7 billion through effective tax planning is a testament to their expertise and dedication to helping businesses optimise their tax strategies. Through meticulous analysis and strategic planning, BR4 has empowered countless businesses to minimise tax liabilities and maximise savings.

20% increase in profitability and a 30% reduction in tax liabilities

We Help Every Corporate to Optimise Their Financial Performance

Sales never stop, and neither do we. At s, we’re not just accountants by words; we’re your partners in success. For every sales professional, and entrepreneur, we’re here to lighten the load.

Our tailored accounting services ensure that while you’re busy driving revenue and chasing targets, your financial health remains robust and secure. With BR4, you’re never alone in your success journey. We are offering world-class accounting services to:

Sales Professionals

Small Business Owners

Freelancers and Consultants

Start-up Founders

E-commerce Sellers

Sales Managers

Real Estate Agents

Insurance Agents


Corporation Tax Services That Support Your Goals

Our corporation tax services are designed to align with your goals and drive your business forward. With a focus on strategic tax planning and optimization, we provide comprehensive support to help you achieve your objectives. Whether you're aiming to minimise tax liabilities, maximise tax savings, or ensure compliance with regulations, our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way.


BR4 Performs 2X Quick Corporation Tax Services

BR4’s exceptional performance in corporation tax services is highlighted by their ability to deliver results swiftly, saving businesses valuable time and resources. With a commitment to efficiency and accuracy, BR4 completes corporation tax services in half the time compared to industry standards, effectively doubling the speed of service delivery. 

This remarkable feat not only demonstrates BR4’s expertise and dedication but also underscores their unwavering focus on meeting clients’ needs promptly and effectively. By providing 2X quicker corporation tax services, BR4 enables businesses to streamline their tax processes, enhance productivity, and achieve their financial goals with greater agility.


Tax Optimization

BR4 Accountants ensure an Expert guidance on tax planning strategies. 90% of businesses cite tax planning as critical to their financial success, according to a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses. accuracy and compliance with annual financial statements. We provide a clear snapshot of your business's financial performance.

Transfer Pricing Compliance

Preparation and submission of corporation tax returns (CT600). Over 99% of corporation tax Preparation and submission of corporation tax returns (CT600). Over 99% of corporation tax returns are filed online, as reported by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Tax Dispute Resolution

Assistance with resolving tax disputes. Over 60% of tax disputes are resolved through mediation or negotiation, according to the Taxation Review Committee.

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BR4 Accountants | Your Trusted Partner

By understanding your unique business needs and objectives, we tailor our services to deliver results that support your long-term success. With our corporation tax services, you can confidently navigate the complexities of taxation while staying focused on achieving your goals.


Our Benefits

We Make Your Business 2X Better

By leveraging their in-depth understanding of UK tax laws and regulations, BR4 ensures that their clients take advantage of all available tax reliefs and incentives while remaining fully compliant. This remarkable accomplishment underscores BR4’s commitment to delivering tangible value to their clients, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner in navigating the complexities of corporate taxation.

Online Corporation Tax Filing

BR4 provides an online portal for businesses to submit their corporation tax returns electronically. This service ensures secure and efficient submission directly to HMRC.

Corporation Tax Payment Services

BR4 facilitates corporation tax payments through various channels, including online banking, direct debit, and bank transfers. This service allows businesses to make timely tax payments in accordance with HMRC guidelines.

Corporation Tax Registration Services

BR4 oversees the process of corporation tax registration for businesses. This service ensures that businesses meet the necessary requirements and obligations for corporation tax registration.

Corporation Tax Compliance Checks

BR4 conducts compliance checks to verify the accuracy and completeness of corporation tax returns submitted by businesses. This service helps HMRC identify and address any discrepancies or errors in tax reporting.

Flexible Pricing

We Offers Many Flexible Package For Choicing

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$ 5.99 / Mo
  • Full Access Services
  • Exclusive Meeting
  • Good Reporting
  • Full Finance Report
  • Tax Custimization

Package Two

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$ 12.49 / Mo
  • Full Access Services
  • Exclusive Meeting
  • Good Reporting
  • Full Finance Report
  • Tax Custimization

Package Three

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$ 29.49 / Mo
  • Full Access Services
  • Exclusive Meeting
  • Good Reporting
  • Full Finance Report
  • Tax Custimization

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Frequently Asked Question

The corporation tax rate in the UK is 19% for the financial year 2021/2022. It was reduced from 20% in April 2017.

Businesses can reduce their corporation tax bill through various means, including claiming allowable deductions, utilising tax reliefs and incentives, and engaging in tax planning strategies.

While it's possible to manage corporation tax obligations internally, many businesses benefit from professional assistance from accountants or tax advisors to ensure compliance and optimise tax outcomes.

Late filing of corporation tax returns may result in penalties and interest charges imposed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The penalties increase the longer the delay persists.

Transfer pricing refers to the pricing of transactions between related parties, such as a parent company and its subsidiary. It's crucial for corporation tax as it ensures transactions are conducted at arm's length, preventing tax avoidance.

If you disagree with a corporation tax assessment or decision by HMRC, you can appeal the decision through HMRC's internal review process or to an independent tax tribunal.