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Our Capital Gains Tax Saves 80% on Selling an Asset

Experience the power of BR4 Accountants in revolutionising your approach to capital gains tax. Picture this: BR4 Saves 80% on the Sale of An Asset. It’s not just a promise—it’s a game-changer. Through our expert strategies and meticulous analysis, we consistently deliver astounding results, enabling our clients to retain a significant portion of their profits. 

On average, our tailored solutions lead to a remarkable £50,000 reduction in capital gains tax payments, empowering our clients to reinvest and grow their wealth exponentially. Don’t let taxes erode your gains—partner with BR4 and unleash the full potential of your assets

Our Capital Gains Tax Services Save You From $3,000 Annual Losses

With BR4’s specialised Capital Gains Tax Services, we empower clients to mitigate annual losses by an average of $3,000. Our tailored strategies are designed to minimise capital gains tax liabilities, ensuring that clients retain more of their hard-earned profits. Through meticulous analysis and proactive planning, we identify opportunities to optimise tax efficiency and maximise returns. 

Our track record speaks volumes, with a proven average reduction of 60% in capital gains tax payments for our clients. Trust BR4 to safeguard your wealth and navigate the complexities of capital gains tax with precision, ensuring optimal financial outcomes year after year. We are offering world-class capital gains tax services to:

Sales Professionals

Small Business Owners

Freelancers and Consultants

Start-up Founders

E-commerce Sellers

Sales Managers

Real Estate Agents

Insurance Agents


Capital Gains Tax on the Profit is Lower

With BR4, navigating the intricacies of capital gains tax becomes a strategic advantage for our clients. Our expert team specialises in devising tailored solutions that minimise capital gains tax on profits, ensuring maximum retention of wealth. On average, our clients experience a significant reduction of 75% in capital gains tax liabilities, resulting in substantial savings that can be reinvested for further growth.


Capital Gains Tax Services That Saves Your Investment

BR4 Accountants offers spontaneous capital gains tax services, saving our clients a remarkable 80% on asset sales. With our expert strategies and meticulous analysis, we’ve consistently delivered astounding results, reducing capital gains tax payments by an average of £50,000. Our tailored solutions not only safeguard your investment but also optimise your returns, ensuring that you retain more of your hard-earned profits.

Trust BR4 to protect your wealth and maximise your financial growth. With our proven track record, you can rest assured that your investment is in capable hands, poised for success in even the most challenging economic landscapes.


Calculation of capital gain liabilities

BR4 specialises in the Calculation of Capital Gain Liabilities, providing accurate assessments to optimise client outcomes. Our meticulous approach has led to significant savings, with clients benefiting from an average reduction in capital gains tax payments. Trust BR4 for precise calculations and proactive tax planning.

Tax-efficient investment strategies

Tax-efficient investment strategies are paramount for maximising returns while minimising tax liabilities. At BR4, we specialise in crafting personalised investment plans tailored to optimise tax efficiency. By strategically allocating investments across tax-efficient vehicles such as ISAs, pensions, and capital gains tax allowances, we help clients minimise their tax burden and maximise their after-tax returns.

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BR4 Accountants | Your Trusted Partner

BR4 excels in Capital Gains Tax Planning, delivering tailored strategies that optimise client returns. Our expertise has resulted in an average reduction of £50,000 in capital gains tax liabilities for our clients. With meticulous analysis and proactive planning, we ensure maximum tax efficiency while safeguarding your financial interests.


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We Make Your Business 2X Better

Through meticulous analysis and proactive planning, we identify tax-saving opportunities and employ sophisticated strategies to optimise our clients’ financial outcomes. Trust BR4 to safeguard your wealth and unlock the full potential of your investments in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

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Commence your journey by scheduling a consultation. We'll delve into your specific requirements, paving the way for a fruitful partnership.

Assess Your Needs

Our seasoned team will attentively grasp your unique needs and challenges. By comprehensively understanding your objectives, we ensure our services align seamlessly with your aspirations for growth.

Craft Tailored Solutions

Leveraging years of expertise and insights, we'll tailor accounting solutions to meet your needs while ensuring adherence to HMRC regulations. From meticulous bookkeeping to strategic tax planning, we've got you covered at every turn.

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With us as your trusted partner, unlock the potential for sustainable growth and prosperity. Our holistic accounting services transcend mere compliance; they're about fostering opportunities for your business to thrive and flourish.

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How We Differ from Other Accounting Companies?


Regulatory Compliance

Ensure the firm is well-versed in HMRC regulations and stays current with tax laws. Compliance with regulatory requirements is essential to avoid penalties and ensure accurate and timely reporting.


Personalised Service

Seek a firm that understands your company's unique needs and tailors services accordingly. Personalised service ensures solutions are aligned with your objectives, maximising benefits and minimising risks.


Proactive Planning

Choose a firm that provides proactive tax planning strategies to minimise liabilities and maximise returns. Proactive planning anticipates future challenges and opportunities, ensuring your company's financial health.


Transparent Pricing

Select a firm that offers clear and transparent pricing for services. Transparent pricing eliminates ambiguity and ensures you know what to expect, avoiding unexpected costs. With upfront pricing, you can budget effectively


Range of Services

Consider if the firm provides a wide range of accounting and tax services to meet your broader financial needs. A comprehensive offering ensures all aspects of your company's finances are addressed, from bookkeeping to tax planning.


Real-Time Financial Insights

We understand that time is money. That's why we provide real-time financial data to help you capitalise on opportunities, make informed decisions, and accelerate your growth. With BR4, you'll always have the information you need to plan better and grow faster.

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Question Answer

Frequently Asked Question

Certain assets are exempt from capital gains tax, including personal belongings such as cars, household items, and personal effects. Additionally, gifts between spouses or civil partners, certain government securities, and certain types of pension savings are also exempt from capital gains tax. However, it's important to note that tax rules and exemptions can vary, so it's advisable to seek professional advice for specific situations.

Capital gains tax rates vary depending on the type of asset and the taxpayer's income tax bracket. Our team can provide guidance on the applicable rates for your situation.

Yes, taxpayers are required to report capital gains and losses on their annual self-assessment tax returns. BR4 can assist with accurate reporting and compliance.

The amount of savings depends on various factors, including the type of assets and the specific strategies implemented. On average, our clients experience significant reductions in capital gains tax liabilities with our tailored services.

Late payment of capital gains tax may result in penalties and interest charges imposed by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The penalties can vary depending on the amount of tax owed and how late the payment is made.

You can pay your capital gains tax to HMRC either online, by phone, or by post. HMRC provides various payment methods, including bank transfer, debit or credit card, direct debit, and cheque. You will need to use the unique payment reference provided by HMRC when making the payment.

To pay capital gains tax, you typically need to complete a Self Assessment tax return if you're not already within the Self Assessment system. You may also need to provide documentation related to the sale or disposal of assets, such as transaction records, purchase and sale contracts, and details of any allowable deductions.